About Matthew Tomaselli

Matthew Tomaselli is an intern on the Customer Success / Operations team and a rising senior at the University of Pennsylvania, studying Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (“PPE”) and Spanish. Matt is passionate about the ways in which technology can improve patient outcomes and organizational efficiency for healthcare providers. Matt loves assisting Ambra’s Customer Success Associates with relationship management and research for new opportunities in the healthcare industry. When he is not providing support or insights to the team, he enjoys hiking and the outdoors as well as reading about politics, food, or his first love, the Baltimore Ravens. 

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  • Back to Basics

    Back to Basics: Custom Fields July 31, 2020

    Custom fields are like Ambra’s Swiss army knife. Any piece of information that you would like to tie to a study — or to a user account, patient, case, order, or appointment for that matter — can be attached through the use of a custom field. 

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