Mini Peiris, Chief Marketing Officer

About Mini Peiris

Mini Peiris owns go-to-market initiatives and works closely with Ambra’s advisory group of physicians, administrative executives, and healthcare IT leaders. She most recently served as the CMO of OpenGov, an Andreessen-Horowitz-backed start-up. Prior to that, Mini spent over 12 years at NetSuite Inc. (NYSE: N) as VP, Worldwide Marketing and VP, Product Management. In these leadership roles, she drove NetSuite’s marketing strategy and product direction as they grew from startup to IPO to a $500M+ revenue business. Mini holds a BS in Cellular Molecular Biology from the University of Michigan and began her career as a research scientist at Janssen Pharmaceutical, but secretly wishes she was a marine biologist. So its no surprise that she's been scuba diving in far-flung spots like Papua New Guinea to see pygmy seahorses; Utila, Honduras for whale sharks, and the Galapagos Islands for hammerhead shark sightings.

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