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It’s no surprise that customers want to avoid platforms with 20 steps for a simple action. In the Ambra Health platform, actions are only a few quick steps leading to an user-friendly experience with little to no learning curve. Once you are logged in to your account, there are actions to manage studies, download, and edit patient information for images. We are here to explain the simple steps behind some of the most frequent actions in Ambra.

Sharing a study

  1. Check the box to the left of the study.
  2. Click the Actions dropdown and select “Share.”
  3. Select the appropriate sharing option.
  4. (A “message to recipient” is optional).
  5. Select “Share Studies.”


  1. Select the down arrow next to the Download icon on the right side of the worklist. This will provide you with the raw DICOM (.dcm) files.
  2. Click the dropdown menu to choose between: 
    1. Download Viewer: Download only the local viewer containing the study’s images.
    2. Download ISO: Download both the raw DICOM files and a local view containing the study’s images. This is the best option for burning a CD.


  1. Select the pencil icon on the right side of any study on the worklist.
  2. Once selected, all fields will appear below the selected study to edit.
  3. Select “Save” once all edits are complete.

For the full guide on how to utilize all of Ambra’s actions, please refer to the Ambra Actions cheat sheet. 

Please note that the page layout may vary slightly depending on role and user permissions. For configuration requests, issues or questions, please click Ambra Support on the bottom right of your page or contact support@ambrahealth.com.

Chantel Hopper

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Chantel Hopper came to Ambra Health after working in media and technology, bringing her energy and excitement to the Health IT space. As Ambra Health's Director of Customer Success, Chantel and her team work with Ambra Health's customers to ensure platform adoption, ongoing education, and continuous engagement. Chantel graduated with a BA in Psychology from Duke University and has her MBA from Harvard Business School. In her spare time, she performs as the lead singer in the NYC based 80s cover band, Young Me and the Moons.

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