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The “Analytics” tab in Ambra is particularly useful when you want to get a better idea of how the metrics of your organization as it pertains to study uploads, downloads, views, shares, etc. 

After logging in, navigate to the “Analytics” tab:


The first subgroup, “Study Analytics,” displays metrics for your organization regarding studies, such as new studies, study views, study downloads, report views, inbound shares, and outbound shares, as seen below. You may filter by a specific date range as well.

Analytics 1

The second subgroup, “Radiology Reports,” displays metrics for your organization regarding radiology reports, such as new reports, deleted reports, signed reports, and generated reports, as seen below.

Analytics 2

The final subgroup, “Upload Count,” displays metrics for your organization regarding upload count for each namespace, such as the number of studies created, uploaded, copied, harvested, and shared.

Analytics 3

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