Back to Basics: Custom Fields

What are custom fields?

Custom fields are like Ambra’s Swiss army knife. Any piece of information that you would like to tie to a study — or to a user Custom Fields 2account, patient, case, order, or appointment for that matter — can be attached through the use of a custom field. 

Custom Fields are most often used at the study level, where you can  map specific pieces of information associated with the study to its DICOM tags or maintain them as standalone fields. Furthermore, you can configure the visibility and editing permissions of these custom fields to certain roles within your organization.. At the administrative level, you can also set certain fields to be defaults for all studies within a particular namespace, enhancing your ability to track the origin of a study and customize the specific study information in particular groups or locations. 

So how do I use custom fields? 

Under the Administration tab, you’ll find the “Custom Fields” tab, where you can access a list of your existing custom fields, organized by their association, as well as a button to create a new field. A given Custom Field’s association, whether to a study, a user account, or whatever else, will determine the criteria you can apply. It is here that you can configure the nature of your field (numbers, dates, texts, dropdowns, etc.) and whether it will be visible and/or required upon upload. To truly harness the power of the Ambra platform, you can also use these Custom Fields as conditions for Routing Rules so that your imaging can populate in the appropriate namespaces on your Ambra platform automatically. 


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Matthew Tomaselli is an intern on the Customer Success / Operations team and a rising senior at the University of Pennsylvania, studying Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (“PPE”) and Spanish. Matt is passionate about the ways in which technology can improve patient outcomes and organizational efficiency for healthcare providers. Matt loves assisting Ambra’s Customer Success Associates with relationship management and research for new opportunities in the healthcare industry. When he is not providing support or insights to the team, he enjoys hiking and the outdoors as well as reading about politics, food, or his first love, the Baltimore Ravens. 

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