Back to Basics: De-Identification Capabilities

Ambra can create custom research workflows to meet your organization’s needs. Whether your organization needs a functionality that includes individual research folders for large multi-site research trials or the ability to customize timepoint fields, project users / roles, and case report forms, Ambra has got you covered 

One of the most critical parts of research workflows is the de-identification and QA of the imaging data itself, without which research would not be possible.

The Challenge

Medical institutions are sitting on top of imaging data that could be used for meaningful research. In order to use clinical imaging for research, the data must be cleaned. Specifically, it must be de-identified in a way that is compliant and protects the patient. In many cases today, de-identification is done manually, costing a lot of time and creating an opportunity for human-error.

The Solution

Ambra has developed a series of tools to de-identify imaging and report data in order to prepare it for the research process and eliminate the need for human intervention:

  • Header / DICOM tag De-ID
    • Remove DICOM tag information
    • Search and replace DICOM TagsIdentify body part
  • Automatic Pixel De-ID
    • Redact text in a medical image based on known modality-specific areas where text is located
  • Report Auto Detection and Deletion
    • Detect and delete scanned documents
  • PDF Attachment Anonymization
    • Detect and mask PHI in PDF attachments

Chantel Hopper

About Chantel Hopper

Chantel Hopper came to Ambra Health after working in media and technology, bringing her energy and excitement to the Health IT space. As Ambra Health's Director of Customer Success, Chantel and her team work with Ambra Health's customers to ensure platform adoption, ongoing education, and continuous engagement. Chantel graduated with a BA in Psychology from Duke University and has her MBA from Harvard Business School. In her spare time, she performs as the lead singer in the NYC based 80s cover band, Young Me and the Moons.

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