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One key feature of Ambra is Destinations. If users have a PACS that they want to integrate with Ambra, we can configure it as a Destination. In this case, sending imaging to a Destination allows it to be utilized for archiving and viewing purposes at the local level. Most commonly, users set up PACS as Destinations, but they can also set up file paths or radiology reading stations. For example, if a provider wants to send an image that they uploaded to Ambra to their PACS, they would configure their PACS as a Destination.

Users need three things to configure a Destination: the IP address, port, and AE title. This information allows the Destination to Destinationsconnect to the Ambra cloud via the Gateway. Once a Destination is set up, it can receive studies from the cloud and be queried by the cloud. Studies arrive at a Destination either by a Routing Rule or by a manual route. If a manual route is already configured, it will appear in the study list, as depicted on the right.



Destinations are the centerpiece of several powerful workflows, including Modality Worklist and Query Retrieve.

If you want help configuring a Destination, don’t hesitate to reach out to Ambra Support at support@ambrahealth.com.

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