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At Ambra Health, we value the idea of interoperability and accessibility of medical imaging across all platforms. One of the ways we display this value is through the ability to download studies. Need to get a study from Ambra onto a CD to send to an outside facility? Download the study onto your computer as an ISO file, which packages the medical images in a way to be burned onto a CD. Want to review a study while you’re on a cross-country flight or somewhere without internet connection? Download the study with our Ambra viewer, which enables you to view your medical imaging on your computer at any time, online or offline.

Downloading a study is simple, and can be easily done from your organization study worklist. You can download a study by navigating to the Actions tab, and clicking on the cloud icon labelled “Download”:

Download studies 1

This will automatically download a zipped file onto your computer containing all of the DICOM images, which can be readily uploaded into other systems that accept DICOM imaging. If you need a file format that is compatible for burning onto a CD, you can download the ISO file by clicking on the dropdown arrow and selecting “Download ISO”:

Download studies 2

And if you would like to download a study for offline viewing or for viewing on a different device, you can download the study with the viewer by selecting “Download Viewer”:

Download studies 3

If you need to download multiple studies at once, you can easily do this by selecting the checkboxes next to the studies you would like to download, navigating to the Actions dropdown in the upper left-hand corner and selecting the Download option:

Download studies 4

To learn more about downloading studies, burning studies to a CD, or our Ambra viewer, check out the Ambra Help Center, our new on-demand help portal where we cover frequently asked questions and topics like this one.


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