Back to Basics: Enable Ambra ProViewer

The Ambra ProViewer can be enabled at an account wide organization level or just for individual users. In order to enable the ProViewer at the organization level, login to your Ambra account, navigate to the “Administration” tab and then the “Settings” tab. Scroll down to “Account Settings” and select the box “Enable ProViewer.” Make sure to save the updated settings. 

BTB: Proviewer

To enable the ProViewer at the user account level, sign into your Ambra account and click on your name in the top right corner. Select the “Settings” tab and scroll down to the “Viewer” option. There you will have the choice to select the Ambra ProViewer or the Ambra Viewer. Make sure to save your settings.

BTB: Proviewer 2

No viewer choice is permanent and you can toggle back and forth between viewers as you please. Note that the user setting will override the account setting; for instance, if the ProViewer is enabled for the organization, but an individual user has the Ambra Viewer as their default, all images they view in the organization will utilize the Ambra Viewer. 

For help with enabling Ambra ProViewer, please go to support.ambrahealth.com.

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