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Ambra Gateway has allowed organizations to transfer images bi-directionally with referring providers Gateway Directoryand outside organizations without the hassle. Do you have an Ambra Gateway installed and want to explore other facilities within the Ambra Gateway Network to connect with? Now you can with Ambra’s Gateway Directory!

The Gateway Directory is easily accessible through the Ambra Health platform. You can find the Gateway Directory under the administration tab.  Once on the Gateway Directory page, you can search facilities by name, state, and zip code or you can enable the ‘View on map’ function to see facility locations throughout the country. Once you have chosen the facility you would like to connect with, simply press the connect button.  When the connection has been approved, the Ambra team will reach out to you directly to set up the connection. 

Please note, if the facility you wish to connect with is not on the Gateway Directory, we request that you email gateway@ambrahealth.com and we will work with your team to get the gateway installed!


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Jaclyn brings her passion for healthcare and project management to Ambra Heath in her role as a Customer Operations Analyst. Jaclyn graduated from UMass Amherst with her BS in Health Sciences. In her spare time, you can find her running her favorite routes around the city.

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