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One of the ways that Ambra Health enables account customization is by way of Groups and Locations. Groups and LocationsQuick study search allow providers to create different folders or buckets for their studies. Groups and Locations can be used interchangeably, but we most commonly see customers using Locations for external purposes (e.g.. exchanging with XYZ Hospital, ABC Practice, etc.) and using Groups for internal purposes. (e.g.. different specialties or groups: Orthopedic, Cardiology, Second Opinion, etc.). 

Many of Ambra’s powerful features are configured based on Groups and Locations, including:

  • User access
  • Tag morphing and anonymization
  • Holding studies in an activities queue for fix-up / editing prior to approval 
  • Routing Rules and Webhooks

Quick Tip: If you are trying to access a specific file and can’t seem to find it, make sure you are in the correct Group or Location. As of Ambra’s latest release on April 15th, 2020, there is a Quick Search of Study Lists in the Studies Dropdown The new search field in the Study dropdown allows users to more easily find and navigate to the appropriate list.

To see how your organization can utilize your Groups and Locations features more efficiently, please reach out to our Support Team at support@ambrahealth.com.

Chantel Hopper

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Chantel Hopper came to Ambra Health after working in media and technology, bringing her energy and excitement to the Health IT space. As Ambra Health's Director of Customer Success, Chantel and her team work with Ambra Health's customers to ensure platform adoption, ongoing education, and continuous engagement. Chantel graduated with a BA in Psychology from Duke University and has her MBA from Harvard Business School. In her spare time, she performs as the lead singer in the NYC based 80s cover band, Young Me and the Moons.

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