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Akin to the email share function in Ambra, guest links allow a study to be emailed or texted directly to a recipient. Guest links may be configured to allow for certain restrictions, such as setting the maximum number of uses and password attempts or setting a timed expiration. Ambra users with the appropriate study-link permissions turned on can see the study link icon
in the worklist next to the desired study.

Guest Link 1

Clicking this button will populate a study-link menu, with a guest links section and “+ New Guest Link” button located in the bottom half of the menu. Clicking this will expand the guest-link section.

Guest Link 2

From here, a user may set desired parameters for the link. To send, the user simply needs to enter a valid email, phone-number, or both and press “create.” A few things to note: unlike the email share function, the viewer guest link will not land in a PHR account or prompt the user to make one. For sending a link through SMS, the user may view the study on a mobile device using our Ambra application.

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