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Gone are the days of manually copying patient data. Here are the days of automated PHI normalization and, therefore… (drumroll please) … Modality Worklist

Modality Worklist, or MWL, is a way for users to apply hospital-specific Protected Health Information (PHI) to a patient. When patients bring outside CDs into a hospital, these CDs often have the old institution PHI attached to them (i.e. MRN). The receiving hospital can apply its hospital-specific MRN to the patient by feeding orders into Ambra through a Radiology Information System (RIS), at which point users can find these orders in Ambra and match them to the pertinent study with MWL. Once approved in the activities queue, imaging will appear in Ambra with the corrected PHI.

The workflow is as follows:

  1. Orders are sent into Ambra from a RIS system.MWL
  2. After configuring MWL, user enters the Activities Queue.
  3. User uses the Find Orders button to search for orders based on accession number
  4. User clicks on the result (MWL button).
  5. User clicks Apply. This will apply the order information to the study and replace the old DICOM values.
  6. User reviews the changes then clicks Approve. The study falls off the Activities Queue and lands in the worklist with the new DICOM information already applied.

Please reach out to updates@ambrahealth.com if you have any questions about Modality Worklist or if you are interested in configuring MWL for your institution. 

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