Back to Basics: Patient Image Sharing

Providing patients with access to their medical images is frequently a burdensome process involving burning, mailing, and uploading CDs. The Ambra Health platform lets you electronically and securely share studies with patients in a few simple ways, giving them the ability to view, download, epicand share both imaging and reports:  

Ambra offers a few different patient image sharing options:

  1. Ad Hoc Sharing via Email Links
  2. Standalone Patient Portal
  3. EMR Integrations

There is nothing worse than a patient coming to an appointment and the facility not having their imaging easily available and ready for the appointment. Follow these simple steps to ensure patients won’t have to come back for another appointment or drive out of their way to pick up a CD. 

Ad Hoc Sharing via Email Links

  1. Patient requests a copy of her imaging from a Facility Staff Member (via call or email). 
  2. Staff member asks the patient for name, DOB, and email address.
  3. Staff member queries PACS for the patient’s imaging and pulls into Ambra.
  4. Staff member selects the imaging and clicks “Share” from the Ambra worklist.
  5. Staff member enters patient email address and a secure link is sent.
  6. When patient clicks the link, she is taken to the Ambra worklist where she can view, download, and share imaging. 

      Note: User is required to create an Ambra account in order to access imaging.

Standalone Patient Portal

  1. Patient gives email and/or phone number to facility where imaging is taken.
    • Facility sends HL7 message (ORM or ADT) to Ambra with the patient details.
    • This triggers an email to the patient that his imaging is available.
  2. Patient goes to patient portal and enters name and DOB.
  3. Patient selects either their phone number or email address to receive access code.
    • Patient enters access code and is taken to Ambra Health where he can view, download, and share imaging and reports. 

Don’t want patients to have to log into another portal? Ambra can also integrate with other patient portals, such as Epic MyChart, allowing patients to access Ambra and their images from within the existing patient portal. 

You might be wondering, what if a patient already has prior imaging? If the imaging is tied to the same medical record number, all prior imaging from that facility would be available to the patient in her worklist.

To learn more about patient sharing and to read frequently asked questions, take a look at the patient imaging sharing brochure

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