Back to Basics: Personal Accelerators

The Ambra viewer provides a safe and intuitive way to view medical images within a cloud based platform. While ease of access is a key benefit for many patients and providers, viewing speeds are paramount to efficiency and quality of patient care. One of the tools that Ambra has created to fit this need is the Personal Accelerator.

The Personal Accelerator is a software installed on a users computer or workstation, and works by temporarily storing a copy of certain studies locally on the users machine. Users can either choose to manually send images of their choice to the accelerator, or automate the process and have every study go here. Once a study is accelerated, it will appear in the Ambra woPersonal Acceleratorsrklist with a lightning bolt next to the name.

The user can select the images on that study and view very large medical image files almost instantaneously.

For many users, the time saved by the use of the Personal Accelerator is a key component of their workflow.



If you need help configuring a Personal Accelerator, don’t hesitate to reach out to Ambra Support on the Help Center.

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