Back to Basics: Pulling Gateway Logs in Ambra

Troubleshooting your own gateway is something that might sound scary but can be really simple. One of the easiest ways to do this is pulling the logs to look for an error in the gateway logs. First locate the gateway you need to troubleshoot. This is found in the Administration tab under “Gateways”.

Back to Basics - Eric

Then you can hit the “Retrieve logs” button found on the very right of the Gateway you need. You can select a custom time range for the logs.

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Make sure you look for the Owner of the gateway, this is the namespace where the logs will populate.

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Go to the owner namespace and search for Gateway to find the logs. They will be located in the reports tab. Click on the zip file to download the logs. They will be in zip format so they will need to be unzipped.

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