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Ambra has an excellent feature that makes it easy for users to manually pull studies from an outside PACS or DICOM destination into the Ambra worklist.

This feature, called Query Retrieve, is a process where Ambra is able to search external imaging reservoirs (query) and then pull the studies back into Ambra (retrieve).

To use the Activities Queue for query retrieve, you must first add the PACS destination in the account, tie it to an Ambra gateway, and click the checkbox that says “Supports manual query retrieve”. 

Query Retrieve 1

As long as your role has the permissions to query/retrieve enabled, you can go to the namespace tied to the gateway and click  “Add Studies”. From here, select “Query Retrieve” from the drop down:

Query Retrieve 2

In the window that opens, select the destination from which you would like to query/retrieve. Also enter the patient information or study demographics for the exam(s) you would like to retrieve:

Query Retrieve 3

Once you have entered this information, hit “Search”. The studies you retrieve will appear in the Activities Queue. From here you can approve or reject the exam so it will land in the worklist.

Query Retrieve

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