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Due to the impact of COVID-19, we want to highlight a functionality that helps to reduce patient Request a Studycontact by allowing patients or referring providers to upload imaging into Ambra from their own computers. Using Ambra’s “Request a Study” feature, an Ambra User can send a secure link to an email address to have a non-user upload a study. You can add a personalized message, limit the duration and number of hits on the link, and add a password to access the link. This workflow is very useful when you want a patient to upload a specific study on a one-off basis. 

The upload process is very similar to the process outlined in our “Back to Basics: Static Links” post, with one key difference: the recipient is not required to create Ambra Log-In Credentials to upload a study. They will simply enter their email address, then be able to upload their imaging and reports. 

Once uploaded, the study will appear in the namespace in which the Ambra User selected “Request a Study” and be viewable to anyone with access to this namespace. 

To see how your organization can implement “Request a Study” into your image intake workflow, please reach out to our Support Team at support@ambrahealth.com to configure. 

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