Back to Basics: Restarting The Ambra Gateway

The Ambra Gateway is one of the most fundamental parts of the Ambra workflow. It provides a secure and simple solution to sending and receiving images to the Ambra cloud and is used in the first step to sharing images with physicians, patients, or organizations across the globe.

Sometimes, however, the gateway can run into problems if a bad study is sent through it or if there is some glitch on the machine that it is installed on. If the gateway runs into these issues and stops working asintended, the first action to try is restarting the gateway services.

To do this, all you need to do is follow these steps:

  1. Log on to the machine or server that houses the Ambra gateway
  2. Go to the bottom left corner and click the “Windows” button. This should open a search bar. Type “services” into the search bar.                                                               Gateway 2
  3. An application with a gears logo should come up. Select the application by clicking on it.Gateway 3
  4. You should see something that looks like this:                                    Gateway 4
  5. When you click on a line item (like “Ambra Watchdog” which is selected above), you’ll notice the option to “Stop” or “Restart” the service on the left side of the window. To stop a service, you click “Stop”.Gateway 5
  6. There are three services that need to be stopped in order to fully shut down the gateway: Ambra Watchdog, Ambra Gateway, and DICOM Grid ActiveMQ. It is important to stop these services in this order.
  7. Once you have stopped each of the services in the order, Ambra Watchdog, Ambra Gateway, and DICOM Grid ActiveMQ, the services need to be restarted in the reverse order. For clarity, this means to click “start” on the services in this order: DICOM Grid ActiveMQ, Ambra Gateway, Ambra Watchdog. It is important to start the services in this order.     Gateway 6
  8. Once all three of the services have a status of “running”, the gateway has been successfully restarted.

If you run into any trouble when trying to restart your Ambra Gateway, or if you have any questions regarding your gateway, don’t hesitate to contact our support team here.

JT Karis

About J.T. Karis

J.T. Karis graduated from University of California - Berkeley with a degree in Data Science and a concentration in Applied Mathematics and Modeling. As an Ambra support analyst, J.T. builds new connections between hospitals and patients and helps to maintain the ones that already exist. He enjoys helping new customers and making healthcare easier not just for patients, but for doctors as well. In his free time, J.T. likes to travel, fence, rock climb, and spend time with his cats.

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