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Here at Ambra we understand the importance of limiting user access to certain parts of an account. A use case where this comes especially in handy is when clinical trials utilize Ambra for their image storage. The clinical trial space is somewhere where separation of data is necessary, as clinical trials collect data from many different sites which must be kept separate.

Of course we can instruct users on the correct places to upload, make edits, view images, etc. however, in the world of medical imaging, we know we can’t risk these users making even a simple mistake like uploading to the wrong site. So, why not just restrict users from doing anything that they are not supposed to? Using Ambra roles, you can!

Ambra administrators can view their organization roles by navigating to Administration —> Roles.

In every account, roles are created for different types of users, each with different permissions, or lack there of. We can assign these roles at any namespace, allowing administrators to give their users different permissions in different spaces within the account.

To continue with the clinical trial example, let’s imagine that we have a trial called “The Flu Trial.” We want users at each site to know they are apart of “The Flu Trial,” and be able to see that organization, but we only want them to be able to upload to their individual site. We do not want them to be able to upload at the trial level.

In the Roles tab, we can create two roles, one which can upload and one which cannot. In the screenshot below we can easily see which is which. Each user will have various other permissions, but here we restrict the ability to upload between roles.

When we create a new user, we will assign them the “Can’t Upload” role at the trial level, and the “Can Upload” level at the site level.

When the user logs in, they will be defaulted to their organization namespace and role, such that the “Add Study” button is greyed out since their role at the organization level prohibits them from uploading at this level. If we switch to the namespace to the site, their role changes, and the “Add Study" button becomes available. See the different views below:


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