Back to Basics: Setting up Notifications

Ambra knows how important it is for physicians and staff to be notified of incoming studies, approval requests, and much more. Each user has their own preferences for what they want to be notified about, which is why Ambra’s notification capabilities can be customized per user. To customize your notification preferences, click on your name name in upper right hand corner of the platform and then select “Notifications”: 

Notifications tab

Once on the notifications page, you can customize notifications by organizations, groups, and locations to which you have access. Notifications can be enabled for the following actions: 

  • On Share
  • Approval Request
  • On Upload
  • On Harvest
  • On Upload Fail
  • Report Attached
  • Link Used
  • My Link Used
  • Study Status Change
  • Thin Study Success
  • Thin Study Fail

Below is a screenshot of a unique customization for an organization. 

Notifications on Ambra

If your organization needs support with setting up notifications, please reach out to our Support Team at support@ambrahealth.com so we can help configure it.

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