Back to Basics: Study Detail Report

What is the Study Detail Report?

Ambra customers are constantly asking for deeper analytics on their Ambra accounts. Study detail reports are the most useful tool you didn’t know you had! Welcome to a new world of data. 

So how do I access these reports?

To get started, click the Studies drop down menu and select the Organization / Location / Group you would like a report for. Once selected, click the advanced dropdown menu button as shown below. 

Study Detail Report

The advanced search menu gives you the option to search for more specific studies with the guidelines of your choice. For example, if you want to look at all the studies between April 1, 2020 and July 31, 2020 you would add the parameters  as follows.

Study Detail Report 2

Once you have entered the desired search parameters, click the search button and all relevant studies will be shown below. Now comes the holy grail of data. All the way on the bottom right of the screen lays this powerful button: detail report.

Study Detail Report 3

Click this button and let the report do its magic. 

Now what do I do with the report?

When you download the report you will see 60 plus columns of data. Some of the most useful types of data many of our clients look at are Modality, Study date, and number of studies. From this report you can interpret it how you would like and run your own reports on the new data you have just discovered. The world to your data is right behind these detail reports! 

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Jack Goldburg is an intern on the Customer Success / Operations team at Ambra Health and a rising senior at Indiana University, studying informatics. Originally from Westport, Connecticut, he loves to play and watch sports. He also loves to eat great food and cook.

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