Back to Basics: Viewer Configuration Series Pt. 1

The Ambra Viewer is built and maintained by Ambra’s engineering team, who’ve developed a complete diagnostic experience with full viewing functionality. Ambra engineers are fully committed to improving and developing the Ambra Viewer, and continuously add in customer requests and industry leading viewer tool sets. Ambra’s goal is for users to feel confident in customizing their viewing configurations based on their unique preferences and workflows. In this three part BTB series, we are going to review some simple recommendations on how to tailor the Viewer to meet your workflow needs. 

Common General Settings to Customize:

  • Layout: Default Layout, Layout Single Series
  • Mouse Tools: Set defaults for left/right click mouse holds 
  • Key Images: Makes the visible study image, highlighted with a blue bounding box, a key image
  • Related Studies: Show related studies; only priors, automatically load related studies
  • Reports: Show PDFs, display reports first in viewer
  • Annotations: Always Use Millimeters, Measurements Text Size, Measurements Show Details, Ultrasound Measurements, Measurements – Toggle All Series, Text Overlay – Toggle All Series, Ruler – Toggle All Series.  Allow Volume Measurements. Show Small Angle Only (Cobb)

Part 2 of this series is coming next week, and it will be about customizing the Viewer toolbar.

The Ambra Exchange

Ambra Health is excited to announce the launch of the Ambra Exchange. This is an user group for Ambra users and it serves as a forum for members to exchange ideas and collaborate and share their experiences and feedback to ultimately help enhance the platform’s utility across the customer base. Membership is opt-in, so if you’re interested in joining please go to ambrahealth.com/ambra-exchange to register. The first meeting is on Jan. 22nd, 2020 from 2-3pm EST and it will cover a variety of topics – we’d love to have you register before then if you’re interested. 


For the full guide on how to utilize the DICOM Web Viewer, please refer to the Web Viewer guide.

Chantel Hopper

About Chantel Hopper

Chantel Hopper came to Ambra Health after working in media and technology, bringing her energy and excitement to the Health IT space. As Ambra Health's Director of Customer Success, Chantel and her team work with Ambra Health's customers to ensure platform adoption, ongoing education, and continuous engagement. Chantel graduated with a BA in Psychology from Duke University and has her MBA from Harvard Business School. In her spare time, she performs as the lead singer in the NYC based 80s cover band, Young Me and the Moons.

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