Back to Basics: Viewer Configuration Series Pt. 2

Welcome to Part 2 of the Ambra Viewer Back to Basics blog! Now that we have a handle on configuring general customizations, we will take a deeper dive into the Viewer’s toolbar. After clicking on the “Images” button under the actions tab within the platform, users will see a list of tools to navigate different aspects of the imaging. The toolbar is at the top for easy access, along with other important elements – such as Protected Health Information (or PHI), the Study Demographic, and the Ruler

Above is an example of the default toolbar set up in the Ambra Viewer. There are already a fair amount of general capabilities for navigation, annotation and collaboration, but this can be customized based on users’ requirements. 

At Ambra, we understand how important it is for each user to arrange the order and layout of the toolbar, which is where the “Toolbar” subtab, below “General”, becomes important. The settings feature enables customers to customize what buttons are included in their specific toolbar. The toolbar can add, rearrange, group the toolbar buttons, and even add a category name for a group of buttons. 

Toolbars can also be adjusted by modality. For example, if a user wanted to display the middle slice, which is common for MRs and CTs, customers can make modality-specific toolbars. Finally, customers can change what information displays in text-based on modalities. 








If your organization needs something that is not already included on the support team, please reach out to our Support Team at support@ambrahealth.com so we can help configure it. See something not the toolbar? Please let our support team know and we will help you configure it.

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Chantel Hopper came to Ambra Health after working in media and technology, bringing her energy and excitement to the Health IT space. As Ambra Health's Director of Customer Success, Chantel and her team work with Ambra Health's customers to ensure platform adoption, ongoing education, and continuous engagement. Chantel graduated with a BA in Psychology from Duke University and has her MBA from Harvard Business School. In her spare time, she performs as the lead singer in the NYC based 80s cover band, Young Me and the Moons.

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