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One very useful and user-friendly tool that Ambra offers is Webhooks. At Ambra, we consider webhooks “powerful routing rules.” In the previous chapter of Back to Basics, we know that routing rules are triggered when a study is shared, uploaded, or harvested. With webhooks, we can take on a study with many other triggers. Below is the list of triggers that we can use for webhooks:

webhook 1

To navigate to the Webhook section, you can click Administration -> more -> Webhooks. If you don’t see the Webhooks option under more, it’s likely that your role doesn’t have the permission enabled. You can simply enable this by navigating to your role under Roles and check the 2 boxes below:

webhook 2

Once you are in Webhooks, click +New Webhook to create a new webhook.

webhook 3

Above are some important items you need to fill out. Here is a breakdown:

+ Name: Name of the webhook you create. 

+ Event: The trigger that will run the webhook (see the list of triggers above). + URL: This will always start with http://localhost:8020/ followed by the API call you want to initiate. For example, if the API call is study/push, the URL will be http://localhost:8020/study/push

+ Method: This will always be POST. 

+ Parameters: The required parameters for the API call in JSON format. For example, required parameters for study/push are uuid and destination_id so they will be written as {“uuid”:”study.uuid”,“destination_id”:“!”} with ! as the uuid of the destination you want to send to. 

+ User UUID: The uuid of the Webhook User, whom you create yourself in Ambra. To create a user, you can go to Users under Administration and click +New User. If you don’t have the +New User function, you can enable it by checking this box:

webhook 4

If you have any questions about this, please feel free to reach out to Ambra Support at support@ambrahealth.com. We are happy to assist!

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