Behind the Scenes: Q&A with Ambra Health Solutions Consultant, Kim Lipinski

A recent interview between Rebecca Schankerman, Ambra Health Field Marketing Coordinator, and Kim Lipinski, Ambra Health Solutions Consultant, about how she engages with Ambra’s customers, what a typical day looks like for her, and what projects she’s looking forward to in the future.

Rebecca: Can you talk about your time at Ambra and how it’s developed into your current position?Kim, Solutions Consultant

Kim: I started at Ambra 3 years ago and began my time doing work on the Services team. This involved support and implementation, and I was really thrown into it and learned a lot quickly. Even in my first year on the Services team, I really liked the role of a solutions consultant. I liked the intersection between sales and the technical side. When the opportunity, about 5 months ago, came along to join the Solutions Consulting team, I jumped at it. I had recently started my MBA, so it felt like the perfect time to make the jump! At this point, I have three years of pretty intense technical experience and I am now getting into the sales side. I have a lot of Ambra knowledge and I am excited to apply it into my new role. 

Rebecca: What does a typical day in the life of Kim look like?

Kim: Every day looks a little different. It really depends on the demos I have scheduled or any immediate questions or projects that come up. Typically, I start my day with prepping for product demos or creating any trials accounts, and then I build my schedule around those tasks. In having these demos and creating trial accounts, there’s a lot of intersection with other teams. It relies pretty heavily on Product and Services as well as other teams to make sure I have the correct information for the prospect. My role is similar to what I was doing previously on Services, but now it’s in that pre-sales context. 

Rebecca: What is the most challenging part of your job? What is the most rewarding?

Kim: The most challenging part is that the product is always changing, which is awesome, but it can be hard to keep up with all of the enhancements and to make sure that I can speak to them accurately and appropriately. In all of our sales meetings, our main objective is to make sure that we are giving customers the best idea of how Ambra can help them. Oftentimes, I know what’s going on, but sometimes there’s features that’d be great for a specific customer and I don’t know about it yet. This is because our company does software releases every 6 weeks. This includes product updates that were brought up internally or even externally from customers. Being a product expert and knowing the entire platform has its perks and is a must for my job, but it makes it tricky (and a rewarding challenge!) to learn new information with each release. 

The most rewarding aspect of my job is interacting with our prospective customers. I enjoy showcasing how Ambra can solve their problems and discussing the technical pieces in detail. While these relationships are typically shorter-termed compared to those fostered on the Services team, it is great to interact on a personal level with prospects from all over the world. It’s what I loved most about being on the Services team. Working with customers and nailing down their technical workflows felt very rewarding. I enjoyed getting them to the finish line and helping them to streamline their workflows with Ambra. But along the way, more than just helping implement the software, I cherished the personal relationships that developed. Even when I had an issue that didn’t specifically deal with my customer, they were always willing to help me out. It’s nice to still have that camaraderie even though I don’t get to work with those customers on a daily basis anymore. 

Rebecca: What projects are you most excited about currently & in the next year?

Kim: One project I am very excited about is “the deployment feedback form” which is something internally we are going to use after a deployment is complete. This will help to close the feedback loop between the Services and Sales teams. Previously, feedback was given by word of mouth, so now we are implementing a formal process to strengthen the Sales team and help Services identify areas of improvement. What we want to do is take that feedback and have quarterly meetings to highlight strengths and weaknesses and then use it as a training opportunity for both teams to be on the same page. Sales and Services do work closely together even though they don’t interact every day. Part of the reason for this feedback form is because the bulk of the Services team works in our Denver office and the bulk of Sales works in our New York City office, so this process will help deepen those relationships, both personally and professionally.

Within the year, I’m most excited to get involved with enterprise accounts. I am the Solutions Consultant for our SMB deals, small and medium sized businesses, and I love it. Given my technical knowledge, I do look forward to getting involved in enterprise accounts where the workflows are more complex and involve EMR integrations (specifically Epic which I have extensive experience deploying). 

Rebecca: The Ambra Health team is currently working remotely. Where are you working from at the moment? How is quarantine treating you?

Kim: I am working from my apartment in Denver. At first, quarantine was treating me well, but nearing 4 months out of the office, I really miss my coworkers. Speaking for the Denver office, we are such a close group and it’s tough being remote because I am not interacting with them organically. I miss heading to Starbucks with coworkers in the morning or running into the office next door to jam out to Britney Spears during a quick break. I am definitely itching to get back into the office!

Rebecca: Any final words you would like to add?

Kim: Ambra is my first job and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I never thought I’d be in software but I can definitely say that this is one of the best decisions I’ve made. In the past three years I’ve learned so much about healthcare — a passion of mine. Our work at Ambra is making a meaningful and measurable difference and it inspires me every day. Having worked on the Services team and interacted with end users, I have seen firsthand how valuable our software is. Since I started, Ambra has made incredible progress and enhancements to the software and I see us only continuing to grow. But even more than the software, I absolutely love the people I get to work with. I’ve met some of the smartest, genuine, and determined people and, as corny as it sounds, I am honored to work with them and transform the medical imaging world.

Kim is a USC (Go Trojans!) alumna with degrees in Global Health and Italian. Kim has a strong passion for public health and uses her technical expertise to assist in the sales process, specifically by performing product demonstrations to potential customers. She spent almost three years on the Ambra Professional Services team before transitioning to her current role as a Solutions Consultant. When she is not preparing for her next demo, Kim enjoys reading (mostly non-fiction). Currently, she is working to finish Into the Plex. She is also interested in learning to code with Python. Once the Pandemic has calmed, Kim looks forward to exploring her other interests which include traveling, discount movie Tuesdays, and rock climbing.

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About Rebecca Schankerman

Rebecca Schankerman is an alumna of Indiana University with an honors degree in Management and Marketing. Rebecca has a strong passion for marketing and how it plays a role within the healthcare industry. As Ambra’s Field Marketing Coordinator, Rebecca handles all aspects of the events Ambra attends within the medical imaging and informatics fields. When she’s not planning the latest Ambra conference or trade show, she enjoys traveling and spending time with her family.

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