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AI – The Future Of Medicine

It seems like AI is everywhere this Summer. But what does it mean in the world of healthcare? How is it actually applied? Check out Ambra Health CEO, Morris Panner, discuss on Bloomberg Radio. You can also read more about AI and particularly, how data has moved from a frustrating liability to a critical piece […]

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C-Suite Q & A with Ambra Health’s Morris Panner

This two part interview series with Ambra Health’s CEO Morris Panner & Ryan Black originally appeared on Healthcare Analytics News on June 23 & June 26.   Ryan Black JUNE 23, 2017 In this week’s C-Suite Q&A, Healthcare Analytics News spoke with Morris Panner, the CEO of Ambra Health, for a ranging and rewarding discussion […]

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Ambra Health CEO Morris Panner Appears on Cheddar

Live from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, Ambra Health CEO, Morris Panner, appeared on Cheddar to discuss how Ambra Health is advancing patient care through technology. Cheddar hosts  were shocked to hear that healthcare is still the world of fax machines and CDs. Being able to easily transfer medical imaging for those […]

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Innovate from Within: Unlock Medical Imaging as a Data Asset

Leading healthcare providers across the globe place a constant focus on innovation around all aspects of the care continuum. Medical imaging is no exception to that, particularly when grappling with growing data volume, patient consumerism, and shifting trends of care models. During a live panel webinar event with HIMSS, Morris Panner, CEO of Ambra Health, […]

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Patient Portal Adoption

Just like the rapid evolution of the EHR, patient portals have become the norm for providers and patients alike. Along with eliminating a lot of paperwork and the digitization of administration, patient portals can also improve patient care. But how exactly can patient portals offer benefits for both patients and providers?  Actively Involving the Patient […]

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Unlocking Imaging’s Strategic Advantage

In a live special webinar event, Ambra Health CMO, Mini Peiris, was joined by Miriam Sznycer-Taub of the Advisory Board who shared how the key to enterprise "systemness" can and should start within imaging departments.

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