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Calling all RAD Women (and Men!) : Let’s Bring More Diversity to Informatics Leadership

It’s our favorite time of the year, Thanksgiving  the RSNA (Radiological Society of North America) conference season! Each year we look forward to meeting with the latest and greatest in radiology from physicians, researchers, vendors, and thought leaders in the informatics space. This year, we are especially excited to launch a new initiative, RAD Women […]

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Latest Research from Frost & Sullivan: Impact of the Cloud on Enterprise Imaging

MACRA, MIPS, population health, consumerism – how is one supposed to key up with all the healthcare lingo? And more importantly, how does it actually affect various specialities like radiology? In a recent live webinar event hosted by Ambra Health, Nadim Daher, Industry Principal, Frost & Sullivan, revealed their latest findings regarding enterprise imaging. Throughout the presentation, several […]

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Government Initiatives & Health IT Join Forces in Cancer Care

Health IT is making waves as it breaks down data barriers both within and across facilities that have previously impeded the creation of a holistic patient health record. The holistic patient health record can not only improve individual outcomes and reduce potential risks like radiology overexposure, but it can also provide an opportunity for medical breakthroughs […]

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Health IT & The Presidential Election

Last week, we celebrated National Health IT week, a time for discussion and collaboration across verticals regarding innovation and application of new technologies in the healthcare space. Various events were held across the country including, The New York Health IT Summit, by Healthcare Informatics. Heather Landi shared a recap of the event in her piece, […]

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#thinkRADical Recap

How to turn medical imaging data into an invaluable asset was the topic of discussion at #thinkRADical, a National Health IT Week event that took place in New York City. Panels featured radiologists, researchers, venture capitalists, and informatics experts. The importance of imaging data, as seen through different lenses, led to a fiery discussion among panelists, […]

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Bringing low cost ultrasounds to every corner of the world

New medical imaging technology holds the promise of benefiting more people than ever before. Exciting innovations in the field are bringing down the costs of diagnostic imaging to make it more accessible to patients around the world. This low cost ultrasound scanner being developed at Newcastle University is just one example of the fascinating work […]

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