Ambra Helps Barrow Neurological Institute Turbo-Charge Second Opinion Program

Integration between BNI's portal and Ambra for Second Opinions provides a seamless process for BNI's staff and patients.


Barrow Neurological Institute - Case studyBarrow Neurological Institute (BNI) in Phoenix, Arizona is an international leader in the treatment of a wide variety of neurological conditions. It attracts individuals from around the world, who seek out its world-class care. BNI has had a long standing second opinion program, providing advice to patients and ultimately attracting some of them to BNI itself. BNI implemented Ambra’s medical image upload and sharing system, Ambra Health for Second Opinions. The HIPAA compliant solution makes it easy for patients to securely upload complex medical images along with their associated reports, and to input credit card information to seek a second opinion. Integration of Ambra for Second Opinions into BNI’s portal makes the entire process seamless for both patients and BNI’s medical staff.

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Anyone with access to a regular home computer with an Internet connection can utilize the service. Dr. Papadopoulos says, “We knew going into this integration that the solution needed to be easy-to-use for both our staff and our patients. We were up and running in just a few hours.” Once the service was live on the website, patients began following the on-screen instructions to submit their information and images.

Reduces time

Before utilizing Ambra Health’s software, patient radiological films/CDs and associated reports were sent by courier service. This method of transporting image exams was inconvenient for both patients and medical staff, and caused bottlenecks during the patient evaluation process.

“It’s critical that we receive a patient’s image exams in order to get a complete medical history. Sometimes we would wait days for the films or CD to arrive in the mail.”
– Dr. Papadopoulos, EVP/Chief Medical Officer at Barrow Neurological Institute

“Once they arrived at our facility they needed to be matched with the patient’s records. The whole process was too slow and did not make it easy for patients to get the input they needed.”

Today, with Ambra Health, it only takes a few minutes for patients to create an account, select an image exam, and submit the information over to BNI’s team of experts. “By integrating Ambra for Second Opinions with our portal we have eliminated the time loss and coordination headaches of a courier service,” comments Dr. Papadopoulos.

Increase in surgical candidates

Ambra Health for Second Opinions helps to position BNI to receive candidates who are the best match for their second opinion services. “We’ve found the credit card integration successful in driving qualified candidates,” according to Dr. Papadopoulos in reference to BNI’s fee per submittal. “For us, the transaction charge is not about additional income, instead, it ensures that we are receiving patients who have been proactive in researching our services and have determined that we are a good fit.”