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    Handheld Ultrasounds Enable Rapid Imaging From The Doctor’s Office To The ER By · April 8, 2021

    Over the decades, the world has watched as major technologies like computers and phones have gotten much smaller, making them more convenient for people to use on the go. Fortunately, this has also happened with many medical technologies, which not only increases convenience but, more importantly, can save lives.

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  • Ambra Health0491_product

    A Big ‘Thank You’ to Our Customers By · March 29, 2021

    While we reflect on this past year, we want to thank our customers for their support during an extremely challenging time. 

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  • Healthcare Innovation

    AI: The Hype, the Reality, the Opportunity By · March 18, 2021

    Tune into the on-demand webinar and hear Morris Panner, CEO of Ambra Health, share his thoughts on the biggest challenges, opportunities, and future of AI, and provide specific use cases that pioneers in AI are using today to improve care.

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  • The Future of Healthcare Is in the Cloud By · March 18, 2021

    We will look back on 2020 as a pivotal moment for the use of cloud computing in healthcare. As the pandemic swept away old constraints, digital health innovators rushed in. In the face of a major crisis, providers and technologists worked tirelessly to make healthcare better, pushing change to save lives. Innovation and entrepreneurship don’t come without risk, but they also can provide enormous benefits. Collecting and sharing data via the cloud will enable a healthcare system fit for the 21st century. 

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  • Caregiver

    Can Technology Reduce The Stress Of Caregivers? By · March 18, 2021

    The tangible benefits of greater IT access for the millions of adults who must manage healthcare for both their children and their aging parents is less clear. The pandemic has likely increased the burden on these “sandwich generation” adults, given how tech-based remote interactions and scheduling have replaced face-to-face interactions.

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  • patient and tech

    Patients Are No Longer Waiting on the Sidelines  By · February 8, 2021

    There was a point in time where health technology was a foreign concept, and the general consensus was to leave it to the experts. However, health technology is no longer an unconventional, daunting field that requires users to be extremely tech savvy. While the industry has been advancing, the user experience has simultaneously become more seamless, simple, and accessible for both patients and providers.

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