Blackford Workflow Server

Blackford Analysis - Ambra Health Solution PartnerBlackford Workflow Server simplifies medical image interpretation for Radiologists and referring Physicians.

From comparing images with priors faster and more easily, through to condition specific context to help clinical decisions on a patient’s care pathway, we make the process simpler and faster. Blackford Workflow Server provides clinical staff with integrated enhancements to their existing image viewing solution with automated visualization applications and clinical workflow tools including native Blackford applications such as automated registration or applications from Blackford Alliance Partners.


Blackford Analysis

Images Automatically Processed and Key Information Identified. Before You Need Them.

Blackford Workflow Server analyzes images at the time they are captured, before they are opened for reading. With Blackford’s advanced registration algorithms, it automatically maps them to relevant prior studies and shares this registration data with PACS for permanent storage. This ensures that registration information is available to the radiologist the second they open an exam for interpretation and any subsequent time they need to return to the exam.

Blackford Analysis

Support Patient Follow-Up with Efficient Reading and Informed Reporting.

Our PACS-integrated productivity software is designed to save you time and increase your capacity by automatically aligning current and prior exams for instant comparison of multiple studies with a single click.

Blackford Analysis

Less Time Navigating, More Time for Quality

We provide an average time-saving of 10%-20% or better every time you compare studies, leaving you more time for interpretation and activities that improve the quality of patient care, such as protocolling, consultation with physicians and technologists, communicating with patients, and preparing for and participating in multidisciplinary team meetings.

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Blackford Workflow Server is a DICOM compliant, enterprise IT image processing platform that seamlessly integrates into imaging workflow by providing automated processing applications to multiple PACS, archives and clinical IT systems. It ensures radiologists and clinical staff have access to the imaging studies, automated processing, visualization applications and clinical workflow tools when needed, via the systems and processes they use every day.

Blackford Workflow Server enables advanced imaging registration capabilities and applications utilizing automated processing to be seamlessly integrated into PACS, archives and specialty viewers. This is achieved by automatically performing image processing on the DICOM studies it receives or retrieves, from any DICOM sources.

Blackford Workflow Server provides a foundation for implementing customized clinical applications and visualization tools that take advantage of image processing information. It also provides a foundation for future processing algorithms that build on current capabilities. Because the Blackford Workflow Server utilizes an enterprise architecture platform, any processing capability and associated applications can be easily integrated across multiple clinical imaging systems, and departments.