A photo is worth 1000 words and a video is worth a million! The most limited resource in medicine is the amount of time a provider can give care. Ambra Health + CAPTUREPROOF is the capture, organize and analyze solution for photos and videos to monitor visual health trends. This allows providers and patients to document visual progress and empower doctors to make quicker, better decisions (or let AI do the work). Make providers time more valuable by putting actionable data at their fingertips.


Media Rx – prescription pad for photos and videos

  • Media Rx™ can include a single or set of photos, videos, surveys, and AI insights.
  • Just as healthcare providers write orders for medications and therapies, now you can write media prescriptions instructing nurses and patients, alike, to capture and share visual data on a customized schedule.
  • The Media Rx™ makes any camera professional-grade, healthcare providers now have a tool to remotely evaluate consistent images through overlay technology, area of interest to be the same each time.

Smart Medical Camera™

  • Employs computer vision to perfect lighting and capture all prescribed data points run by prescribed Media Rx™ and historical captures.
  • Accurately document patients at a hospital bedside, in a patient appointment, or directly from the patient at home.
  • Captures repeatable, decision-able data.


Comparative Organization Viewer™

  • Scroll through media viewing each photo or video clip side by side, zooming in on areas of interest without the need to toggle through files or remember what the previous photo looked like.
  • 3 clicks to the automated comparison. Make better decisions leading to better, more efficient patient care.


  • Color True™ healthcare providers now have a tool to remotely evaluate images and color changes.
  • Movement analytics allow providers to gather accurate data at the time an event occurs and note changes such as: range of motion, gait analysis, and other repeated motion changes.


Request Information from CAPTUREPROOF, Inc

Ambra Health + CAPTUREPROOF partner to handle all visual endpoints across healthcare. Your providers and patients will capture, compare and analyze photos and videos with ease. The MediaRx, Smart Medical Camera and Comparative Viewer bring visual light speed to medical care. Transform care delivery in your hospital with the first whole hospital image management tool.

  • Easily monitor the progress of patient health through photos and videos with 3 taps.
  • Providers and patients now experience the convenience of sharing and reviewing data on their own schedules bypassing waiting rooms and overbooked schedules.
  • Accurately document a patient’s visual endpoints.
  • Get reimbursed for remotely monitoring patients.
  • Reduce the number of unnecessary and unreimbursed office visits by patients answering a customized request of photos, video clips, and questions.

CAPTUREPROOF is proven to:

  • 99% time saved to neurology diagnosis.
  • 90% of patients better manage their health.
  • 78% more accurate triage of urgent/non-urgent patients.
  • 75% reduction in post-operative visits.
  • 60% decrease in post-op utilization of hospital resources without sacrificing patient outcomes.
  • At least 50% fewer ER visits post-op