CuraCloud Corporation

CuraCloud is your medical AI development partner. Working with collaboration partners around the world, we develop software medical devices that can be used to detect and diagnose cardiovascular, neurological, and thoracic diseases. The machine learning models are developed using DICOM images from ultrasound, CT, MRI, DR,  and other modalities to optimize efficiency and improve patient care.


  • CuraRad®-ICH: CuraCloud’s first FDA-cleared product uses a deep learning algorithm to detect cases suspected with intracranial hemorrhage in seconds. This contributes to faster turnaround times from diagnostic radiologists that can speed emergency care decisions.
  • COVID-19 Pneumonia CT Triage: CuraCloud is working on a triage and notification project for detecting COVID-19 pneumonia in CT scans.



CuraCloud has developed cardiovascular AI algorithms to interpret coronary CT angiograms and to systematically evaluate the coronary arteries. This ongoing research project demonstrates automated coronary segmentation and labeling, which facilitates the reconstruction of arterial structures and displays in a variety of image formats. We are recruiting clinical validation partners.




Speed and accuracy of diagnosis are essential to appropriate care when treating urgent neurological conditions. CuraCloud has experience developing neurological applications for intracranial hemorrhage that can provide hemorrhage location, sizing, and classify five subtypes of hemorrhage.





  • Thoracic CT Lung Nodule Detection: To aid in lung cancer screening and surveillance, we have developed deep learning models to locate, segment, measure, and characterize lung nodules in thoracic CT images.
  • Automatic Classification of Chest X-Ray Images: We have developed algorithms to automatically detect and classify 14 thoracic diseases in Chest X-Ray images.

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