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Delivering CAD that Works®, CureMetrix is a global leader in artificial intelligence (AI) for medical imaging, committed to the advancement of technology that improves cancer survival rates worldwide. CureMetrix supports the radiologist to dramatically improve the accuracy, detection and classification of anomalies in mammography. Our mission is to develop healthcare solutions that save lives – and that support hospitals, imaging centers, payors, and patients with better clinical and financial outcomes.



cmTriage™ – Triage, Sort, Prioritize

cmTriage is the first FDA-cleared triage software in the U.S. for mammography that uses the power of artificial intelligence to help the radiologist prioritize their worklist based on suspicious cases that may need immediate attention. Allowing for faster turnaround and streamlined workflow, studies have shown radiologists can realize up to a 30% reduction in reading time using cmTriage.


A proprietary, investigational CAD that uses AI, cmAssist is intended to help the radiologist identify and mark regions of interest on screening mammograms. In addition, the AI provides a neuScore™ of found anomalies.

In studies published in the Journal of Digital Imaging, cmAssist was able to:

  • Reduce false positives up to 69% over traditional CAD
  • Demonstrate the ability to find cancers up to six years before first detection
  • Help radiologists improve their breast cancer detection rate on average 27% without increasing recall rates.

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Practices can leverage the power of AI using CureMetrix solutions (cmTriage and cmAssist) together to provide a full picture of the mammogram and realize improved sensitivity and specificity.

The number one benefit that CureMetrix offers radiologists, health care practices and patients is peace of mind by delivering CAD that Works® to help deliver:

  • Faster reading time – 30% reduction in reading time looking at 2D mammograms
  • Fewer unnecessary patient recalls – 69% reduction in false positives vs. traditional CAD, leaving more time for accurate diagnoses
  • Improved cancer detection – 27% increase in early cancer detection without an increase in false-positive recalls

Focused on improved detection worldwide, CureMetrix:

  • Works across all breast densities
  • Works across lesion sizes
  • Works on masses and calcifications