DOCPanel gives radiologists, imaging providers and patients a choice—and a voice—in listing, discovering and reading complex clinical cases online.

DOCPanel LogoDOCPanel is a cloud-based marketplace platform, accessible anywhere with internet connectivity, that allows on demand access to academic subspecialist Radiologists at an affordable per-read fee. DOCPanel is building the largest community of academic sub specialist radiologists. In addition to the ease of sending and reporting cases, unique features include a rating engine, credentialing services, creating favorites or a panel of readers, collaboration tools and more. Services beyond final interpretations include second opinions, quality/peer review, educational Rad- Professor consults, and protocol assistance.



Access a Community of US board Certified Academic Level Radiologists.

Easily access a network of radiologists, with the automated ability to hand-pick available readers to meet your coverage criteria.

DocPanel Use Case

Diagnostic Interpretations: From Final Reads to Second Opinions.

DOCPanel aids diagnostic interpretations for imaging centers, hospitals and imaging providers, as well as for patients, caregivers, primary care physicians and specialists.

DocPanel Second Opinion

Rad Professor: Educational Consults for Radiologists to get Input on Complex Cases.

Rad-Professor provides a Radiologist sub-specialty education feature built by renowned Academic Radiologists.

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DOCPanel gives radiologists, imaging providers and patients a choice—and a voice—in listing, discovering and reading complex clinical cases online. We believe everyone should have access to academic-level and fellowship-trained specialist interpretations to support high-quality medical care.

For providers, sometimes complex cases may require academic-level expertise and fellowship-trained, which is difficult to find at a reasonable cost. DOCPanel connects imaging providers to a network of board-certified sub-specialists at a simple, per-read fee. DOCPanel can fill in any gaps, on-demand enabling them to compete, grow, or maintain happy referrers and patients. A radiology group may have sub-specialists, but they have to take time off. DOCPanel is there to support any needs, even subspecialty types they may not have, and keep the hospital and clinical staff happy.

DOCPanel’s RadProfessor is designed to answer questions a radiologist may have when they encounter a challenging case, or to learn about new types of imaging for them. Don’t let these cases slow down your workflow- hit the RadProfessor button and learn from the case, as well as offer a better informed opinion.

When patients or caregivers face a challenging or unique medical diagnosis, they can use DocPanel to get second opinions across a secure, remote consultation network. For patients, enhanced peace of mind and security comes from simply confirming a diagnosis that has major implications. Additionally, there is comfort in knowing an interpretation was obtained from a sub-specialist expert who works on these types of cases every day versus getting a read from a radiologist with limited knowledge of the specific case. The DocPanel community provides fast, affordable, self-service access to the world’s best radiology experts.