DrChrono EHR and Medical Billing Platform & RCM Services

Ambra Health Partners with DrChrono

DrChrono enables medical providers to be the best they can be by providing a technology platform that streamlines the administration and delivery of care. We offer the most flexible and intuitive products and services for managing all aspects of a clinical workflow, from patient intake to visit documentation, billing, and revenue management.

Our EHR, practice management, medical billing, and revenue cycle management solutions are cloud-based, mobile-driven, standards-supported, fully compliant, and highly awarded. They can be completely tailored to any medical practice and are open to third-party innovation via a robust API.


EHR Patient Charting

EHR: With DrChrono EHR, you have a patient’s medical record at your fingertips. It is an end to end cloud-based software that seamlessly integrates scheduling, clinical workflow, patient engagement, and medical billing.RCM: With DrChrono’s Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), your practice can maintain profitability while simultaneously gaining more time to focus on patients.

Medical Billing
Medical Billing: DrChrono’s fully integrated EHR and medical billing software saves time and helps improve clean claim rates by eliminating multiple data entries and human errors. Just enter patient information once and automatically pass data to clinical charts, eRx, lab orders, billing, and more.

Practical Management Appointment

Practice Management: Run a patient-first practice without sacrificing practice productivity. Eliminate paperwork and other administrative tasks with online scheduling, self-check-in Kiosk, automated appointment reminders, and real-time or pre-appointment insurance eligibility check.

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