Elsevier STATdx

Elsevier - Ambra Solution PartnerAvoid preventable diagnostic errors and reduce variability in outcomes with STATdx.

Elsevier’s STATdx® is a diagnostic decision support system for radiologists. STATdx is the industry leading online diagnostic decision support solution that increases accuracy and confidence in diagnosing complex imaging cases, providing instant access to the collective clinical experience and knowledge of renowned sub-specialists in every field of radiology.


Elsevier STATdx

Over 4,300 Common and Complex Diagnoses

STATdx provides more than 4,300 diagnoses written by the world’s leading experts in radiology. Each diagnosis module contains Key Facts, Terminology, Imaging Findings, Differential Diagnosis, Pathology, Clinical Issues, Diagnostic Checklist, and Selected References linked to sources like PubMed.

Elsevier STATdx

200,000 Expert-Selected and Annotated Image Examples

Provides over 200,000 searchable images, including x-ray, CT, MR and ultrasound images. Also, includes over 300 Anatomy modules, with each module including normal anatomy color graphics, multiple modalities and planes, all extensively labeled. In addition, each module includes Terminology, Imaging Anatomy Issues, and Clinical Implications.

Elsevier STATdx

More Than 1,300 Differential Diagnosis Modules

Includes over 1,300 Expert Differential Diagnosis modules that are based on anatomy, imaging patterns, clinical presentation, or modality-specific findings. Also provides over 20,000 supporting individual patient cases, each of which includes demographics, history, case description, and the author/contributor. The description includes case notes and annotations from a renowned expert in that field. All cases include numerous labeled images and certain cases include cine clips.

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As a key participant in the care of almost every patient and disease category, radiologists work under tremendous pressure to get every diagnosis right, right away. Written by radiology thought leaders, STATdx helps radiologists by quickly delivering immediate, accurate and current answers when they are needed most.

Whether radiologists are reading images in an unfamiliar specialty, analyzing a complex case or teaching others, STATdx supports them in delivering the best clinical decisions, providing superior patient care communications and practicing cost-efficient care.