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Bialogics - Ambra Solution PartnerBialogics Analytics provides Ambra clients with advanced Business Intelligence Analytics for Radiology and Cardiology. Choose from either an on-site or Cloud based configurations for convenient Fee per Study and Subscription pricing solutions. Bialogics delivers intuitive analysis to optimize departmental operational, performance and patient workflow.

Bialogics DImax enables data driven decision making and research capabilities for medical imaging, that’s designed for medical imaging administrators and physicians. Developed in collaboration with leading hospitals and industry partners, and with comprehensive capabilities that enable routine and complex analysis, Bialogics DImax provides a vendor agnostic, real time analytics platform proven to elevate performance and care.


Technologist Utilization - Bialogics

Monitor patient wait times and analysis of imaging procedure steps

Drill down on each imaging process step, filter for a full range of variables such as Technologist, Procedure, Time of Day, Modality and compare activities to the same time during previous time periods to identify trends and variances.

Utilization Dashboard - Bialogics

Analyze patient throughput and modality utilization rates

Analyze by patient visits to tracks patients as they move from ED to Inpatient or Outpatient status. Procedures, durations and scan times track peak demands, and the need for resourcing through highlighting studies that exceed benchmark turnaround times.


Workflow Analysis - Bialogics

Track turnaround times and other patient outcome measures

Radiologists and clinicians can work together to analyze the effectiveness of each procedure with insight into performance and issues, such as delays and process failures. Automated alerts warn about issues that require intervention, as they occur, in real time.

Bialogics - Ambra Solution Partner

Benchmark and standardize procedures, protocols and procedure times

Configurable reporting and alerting functionality allows both clinicians and management to analyze data as it happens. Improve customer experience with analytics encompassing day-to-day operations, physician and staff scheduling processes and i

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The shift to value-based healthcare makes capturing and understanding the value of all the data generated in the care process critical. Medical Imaging Administrators need a new set of software tools to effectively manage the evolving healthcare requirements.

Bialogics Business Intelligence Analytics aggregates and consolidates care process data, presenting it in an easy-to-digest and analyze visual format which enables:

  • Monitoring of patient wait times and analysis of imaging procedure steps
  • Visibility into patient throughput and modality utilization rates
  • Tracking turnaround times and other patient outcome measures
  • Benchmarks and standardization of procedures, protocols and procedure times
  • Improved quality of services and better asset management

Bialogics provide management insight to optimize operational performance and patient experience within the Diagnostic Imaging Services at the Hospital, Enterprise and/or IDN level. DImax Radiology Analytics provides Business intelligence across operations, procedures, resource and asset management to elevate the performance of Diagnostic Imaging and Cardiology Services. Intuitive dashboards and drill down analysis includes:

  • Image Management
  • Practice Management
  • Procedure Management
  • Workflow Management
  • ED Image Management
  • Report Generation
  • Research Analysis

Our solution is vendor agnostic and simple to implement, with no expensive or complex interfaces or integrations required to capture accurate data from RIS/PACS/ADT/EHR and other CIS systems. An industry leading data engine captures data flowing from silos, in any protocol, including DICOM, HL7, XML (FIHR Ready) and standardizes it for reporting and analysis.