Image Management for Epic

Epic EHR integrationEpic is the information backbone for most of the largest integrated health systems in the world. Epic’s applications support functions related to patient care, including registration and scheduling, clinical systems for doctors, nurses, and emergency personnel, systems for lab technologists, pharmacists, and radiologists, and billing systems for insurers.

Completely connected with Epic’s array of products including Hyperspace, CareLink, MyChart, Radiant, and more, Ambra integrates inbound and outbound imaging to all of Epic’s touch-points.  Ambra provides instant access to imaging from directly within the Epic Hyperspace patient jacket, connecting with order management,  integrating image upload/access, and image-enabling referring physician portals.



Connect Epic Hyperspace for Ease of Image Upload/Access

Direct integration between Epic Hyperspace and Ambra makes it simple to upload and/or access patient imaging from within the Epic patient jacket.

Image Integration with Epic CareLink

The Ambra web uploader can be quickly embedded into the Epic CareLink physician portal for image upload and digital routing of imaging together with associated data to the main provider.

Simplify Orders with Epic Radiant Connectivity

Ambra connects with Epic Radiant to streamline the order management process, automatically create the order, handle querying, matching and applying orders to studies, eliminate re-keying, and reduce the risk of redundant studies.

Epic MyChart Patient Portal Integration

In this integration, a button is surfaced in Epic MyChart that when clicked, shows a patient’s imaging. From their portal, the patient can view, share, and download imaging and reports all in one place.

Epic Autofilm Library

By integrating imaging with Epic, Ambra eliminates the need to log in to two systems and toggle between them. Hyperspace exposes an upload medical images button. Once images are uploaded through Ambra, an accession number and unsolicited result are generated and sent to Radiant.

Learn How Ambra Image Enables Epic EHR


Leading healthcare providers like Rush University Medical Center, Texas Health Resources, Stanford Children’s Health, and Lahey Hospital & Medical Center, are taking their Epic investments to the next level by image-enabling with Ambra. Both Rush University, a 600+ bed academic medical center in Chicago, and Lahey Hospital & Medical Center, a physician-led, nonprofit group practice with 5,500 staff across multiple locations, have integrated Ambra with their Epic Radiant (RIS) deployments. They’re both using Ambra to streamline the order process and gain a unified for experience for their physicians:


  • Studies are sent to the Ambra Activities Worklist and an order is created in Epic Radiant.
  • Users open the Ambra Modality Worklist to query for an order in Radiant. If there is a match, the order is applied to the study and order information is written for the study.


  • Ease of access to patient imaging
  • Reduced data and order entry errors
  • Lower risk of duplicate orders