ezCDS from Cranberry Peak

Cranberry Peak logoezCDS is a CMS qualified clinical decision support mechanism for the Appropriate Use Criteria Program, supporting the implementation of the PAMA and MACRA mandates. Specifically, ordering physicians will be required to consult a product like ezCDS prior to ordering an advanced diagnostic imaging service. A cause of the increasing cost of healthcare and one of the main causes of physicians’ dissatisfaction is the administrative burden. ezCDS is addressing both administrative burden and these CMS requirements by introducing the first AI digital assistant serving ordering physicians. With voice, multiple languages, and conversational interface, ezCDS makes compliance easy, and it offers an outstanding user experience.


Compliance with ease

Compliance with Ease

Cloud and web-based, with no additional software needed, state of the art SMART on FHIR approach enabling EMR interoperability ezCDS is easy to deploy, use, and support.  It’s as easy as the software you use at home to watch movies.

Less Administrative Burden

Less administrative burden

The conversational interface and the natural language, along with the hybrid point, and click user interface, are all elements that are transforming user experience by reducing the time spent by physicians with computer screens and minimizing their administrative burden.

Cranberry Analytics

Value-based healthcare with analytics and evidence-based medicine

With evidence-based medicine at the point of care, ezCDS helps your practice implement value-based healthcare delivery. In addition, ezCDS supports your practice with state of the art analytics to assess your imaging orders at any time. Whether identifying order outliers or common clinical cases in your patient population, ezCDS assists you in achieving the triple aim: better outcomes, lower costs, and improved health of populations.


Tired of bad software and increasing administrative burden?  Spent years in medical training and now spend more time with your computer screen than with your patients?

Imagine an AI tool able to support referring physicians with voice and natural language so they can spend more time with patients and less with the computer screen. ezCDS is designed to provide compliance while minimizing the administrative burden on physicians.

With native Artificial Intelligence and machine-learned clinical decision support content, ezCDS is designed to make your interaction with a computer as smooth as possible.  We make the software simple to use, so you can focus on solving real problems.  It’s simple to use the product, with highly complex engineering and science.

  • A solution for the appropriate use criteria of imaging (PAMA) mandate
  • Approved by CMS as a Qualified Clinical Decision Support Mechanism
  • AI, voice, natural language, conversational interface technology in multiple languages
  • Referring physicians can spend more time with patients since ezCDS has the user interface of the future
  • Stand alone or in your favorite EMR

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