Foundations™ from HealthLevel, Inc.

Foundations by HealthLevel - Ambra Solution DirectoryThe gold standard for data-driven physician engagement and real-time efficiency analysis to improve your clinical, financial and operational performance.

Foundations™ makes data so useful and relevant to doctors and staff that you will improve your margins by double digits, not waste time in distrusting the data—and become the most advanced data driven health care organization in your region. That is exactly what our customers have achieved. Foundations has expanded their ability to achieve analytics-driven workflow, enabling leadership, doctors and staff to identify opportunities to increase efficiency and overall performance. Your IT staff will embrace Foundations as the new gold standard of data analytics for your organization.


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Analytics driven workflow, including optimized worklists

Completely dynamic workflow engine streamlining inpatient/outpatient processes. Insights into order to available schedule (access), order to procedures, no-shows, bottlenecks, diagnostic report turnaround times, resident workflows analytics and more.

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Self-service analytics and reports, incorporating progressive disclosure and discovery technology

Securely access departmental data, identify correlations and trends, set and track short and long term goals. Clinicians gain intuitive reporting, ability to track their performance against peers and insight into clinical metrics and trends to enable improved patient care.

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Healthcare focused

Natively ingests HL7, DICOM, resource calendars, staff schedules, and various other data types and sources.

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Our customer stories are a powerful way to explain our benefits. An example – the Veterans Health Administration uses Foundations to manage its famed National Teleradiology Program through our analytics-driven workflow tools. For five years, HealthLevel has provided them with a real-time data analytics platform to:

  • Predict their caseload and schedule resources across four time zones
  • Provide overflow, stat and routine radiology services with efficiency and high quality
  • Offer transparency and collaboration with client hospitals for quality metrics, efficiency, and financial impact

The VA NTP has increased their margins by 22% — astounding for a non-profit organization. They have over 2,200 active users across 100 hospitals, including over 100 radiologists who sign on daily to understand and improve various aspects of comparative and group performance.

Your organization can exceed these statistics using Foundations. Improve your quality and efficiency resulting in increased margins and overall performance, while also improving physician engagement. Provide your physicians with data they trust, which in turn generates beneficial behaviors and truly satisfied clients.