Health Gorilla

Founded in 2014, Health Gorilla is a secure interoperability solution that enables the entire health care ecosystem – patients, payers, providers, digital health solutions, and labs – to seamlessly share health data and aggregate each patient’s entire clinical history in one place. With enterprise-grade clinical data APIs, HIPAA-compliant user authentication, and an unparalleled master patient index, the Health Gorilla network makes it easy for providers to pull their patient’s information from any clinical records system while ensuring adherence to the 21st Century Cures Act and to the Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement (TEFCA) standards that will go into effect in early 2022. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Health Gorilla works with healthcare organizations around the world, helping them gather the clinical data they need to deliver the best and most appropriate care for their patients. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter @HealthGorilla.


Instant Medical Record Retrieval

Submit basic demographic information to identify care sites that have clinical records on a particular patient.

Health Gorilla 1

Import Patient Records

Automatically import medical records electronically from 3rd party EMR systems into your Health Gorilla portal.

Health Gorilla 2

Review Complete Data

Access the patient’s chart and review a complete set of medical records from multiple care sites to inform patient care.

Health Gorilla 3

Designed for Developers

Integrate Patient360 natively into your digital health app with our FHIR-based API and production-ready integrations.

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Request Information from Health Gorilla


Health Gorilla is solving interoperability problems while becoming the national source of truth for health data. Overcoming data fragmentation is key to unlocking value in healthcare. We have built a massive national FHIR data platform to continuously aggregate and provide permitted access to complete health data, including 70,000+ connected care sites, 750,000+ providers and access to 200+ million patients.

Our flagship products include Patient360, which provides access to complete clinical data and Lab Network, which leverages our diagnostic network to place labs and imaging orders.

Our flexible platform across APIs, web, and mobile allows customers to access data and features that best suit their needs.