Infervision is a pioneer in applying medical AI and deep learning to assist medical imagediagnosis, reinforcing AI’s value to clinicians. Infervision has robust AI solutions that are fully integrated with healthcare workflows to help diagnose various diseases and conditions, suchas cerebral hemorrhage, lung cancer, bone fractures, and more. Infervision’s intelligent X-ray
and CT-assisted diagnosis products have been deployed in hundreds of hospitals worldwide. Seamless integration into clinicians’ daily workflow provides detailed analytical information for optimal decision-making and treatment to improve patient care and clinical efficiencies.


Robust and Powerful Capabilities to Assist in Lung Cancer Diagnosis

  • Detailed lesion quantifications provided, such as type, slice number, diameters, and volume, etc.
  • Customizable results reporting and integration with VR systems
  • Up to 30% reduction in image reading time and 35% reduction in missed actionable nodules, validated through the retrospective, fully crossed, MRMC study
  • Premium features include automatic nodule malignancy prediction, priors comparison, follow-up management system and advanced analytics and visualization.

Infervision 1

Easy Deployment

  • Agnostic to scanner manufacturers
  • Lightweight browser-based viewer
  • Full integration with PACS and RIS
  • On-premise and cloud-based deployment available

Infervision 2


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The InferRead Lung CT.AI is an FDA-cleared AI solution to help radiologists with their diagnosis workflow, serving as a second pair of eyes. It is highly sensitive in assisting the user to quickly identify different types of lung lesions, providing detailed quantification information for each lesion, automatically generating a diagnostic report. InferRead Lung CT.AI is also capable of providing advanced analytics and visualizations, nodule malignancy prediction, and follow-up recommendations to assist providers in providing optimal patient care.

Validated through the retrospective, fully crossed, multi-reader multi-case (MRMC) study, InferRead Lung CT.AI helps achieve a 30% reduction in image reading time and a 35% reduction in missed actionable nodules. InferRead Lung CT.AI is currently in use at hundreds of hospitals and imaging centers globally. Millions of patients have already benefited from this advanced AI technology.

InferRead Lung CT.AI is provided as Software as a Service (SaaS) along with a OTLF model. The system integrates algorithm logic and database in the same server to ensure the simplicity of the system and the convenience of system maintenance. It is highly compatible with legacy systems and accepts chest CT images from PACS , RIS, or directly from a CT scanner.