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Keya Medical is a medical technology manufacturer developing artificial intelligence applications that enable healthcare delivery organizations to provide better patient care. Since 2016, the company has combined advanced deep learning algorithms with other technologies to provide accurate diagnosis and treatment solutions to medical institutions around the world. Keya Medical has partnered with over 200 healthcare systems around the world, and the company’s products are used in hospitals in Asia, imaging centers, and coronary catheterization labs.


Detection and Triage

CuraRad-ICH analyzes non-contrast head CT cases using deep learning algorithms to triage suspected ICH findings. The software makes case-level output available to a PACS workstation for worklist prioritization or triage.

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Generalizable AI Model

The AI model was trained and validated on data from hundreds of imaging facilities across the U.S. with exceptional diversity.Keya Medical 2

Seamless Workflow Integration

CuraRad-ICH can be seamlessly integrated with worklist applications and PACS/VNA (Vendor Neutral Archives).

  • Designed for integration using industry standard APIs
  • No clinical workflow change required
  • Integration tested with Ambra

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CuraRad-ICH is an FDA-cleared software workflow prioritization tool designed to reduce radiologist turnaround time for suspected ICH cases in non-contrast head CT scans. The deep learning model used within CuraRad-ICH was trained and validated using diverse data sources representing many subtypes of ICH.

CuraRad-ICH was validated through a retrospective, blinded, multisite clinical validation study. Analysis of 388 CT studies collected from over 296 imaging facilities across 48 states in the U.S. demonstrates system sensitivity and specificity of 90.6% and 93.1%, respectively. The average per-case processing time was 43 seconds.