LiverSeg from Predible Health

Predible Health - Ambra Solution PartnerInstant segmentation of liver lesions and hepatic system, with 3D visualization for surgical planning.

Predible Health delivers software that provides physicians with data-driven clinical insights to gain a deeper understanding about each patient. Predible’s deep learning powered algorithms help physicians deliver best quality care in the quickest time.

With LiverSeg, physicians gain instant segmentation of liver parenchyma, lesions and hepatic blood vessels from CT abdominal scans, with a cloud-based plug and play product for hospitals with interactive 3D visualization tools for Treatment Planning Systems and other applications.


Workflow interface

Instant Segmentation

Instant segmentation of liver, lesions and hepatic vessels.

Instant hepatic segmentation

Automated Volumetry

Automated volumetry for parenchyma and lesions.

Virtual incision for liver resection

Interactive Tools

Interactive 3D editing tools to edit segmentations and grow vessels. Virtual incision tool to visualize and plan cutting planes for surgery.

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This product is targeted towards liver, and is one of a kind for the advanced visualization and post processing of multi-phase CT abdominal images. It has been developed in partnership with leading medical practitioners, clinicians and academicians to provide customers with benefits like:

  1. Instant segmentation of liver and vessels as versus radiologists spending 1+ hour to segment liver and quantify volumes.
  2. Robust automated segmentations that are reproducible and repeatable.
  3. Interactive 3D simulation and examination tools to plan hepatic surgery in just a couple of clicks.
  4. Cloud-app hence no constraint of using the application from one specific workstation PC.

We are a team of data scientists and imagineers motivated to bring a change to the traditional healthcare delivery process. Our journey started two years ago after winning the Longitudinal Multiple Sclerosis Lesion Segmentation Challenge held at the IEEE-International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging 2015 held at New York, USA. Winners of Philips Startup Cup 2016, Predible believes technology will play a huge role in increasing accessibility of quality healthcare to everyone who needs it.