SPIN-SWI: Generate SWI from GRE

MR Innovations - Ambra Solution PartnerGenerate enhanced contrast SWI images, exquisitely sensitive to iron and oxygen saturation, from your standard MRI GRE magnitude and phase images.

MR Innovations suite of MRI post-processing software is designed to improve the speed and quality of diagnosis for neurological disorders such as stroke, TBI, and dementia by enabling advanced imaging of vascular abnormalities.

SPIN-SWI is our first product scheduled to launch on the Ambra partner platform which transforms standard GRE magnitude and phase DICOM file into a Susceptibility Weighted Image (SWI).


Susceptibility Weighted Imaging

GRE magnitude and phase images are used to generate SWI.
SWI offers a unique contrast, different from that of spin density, T1, T2, and T2*.

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A spike in new research has shown that vascular abnormalities, such as cerebral micro-bleeds, oxygen saturation, and blood flow are closely linked to the development and progression of disorders such as stroke, TBI and dementia. It has been shown that the visualization and quantification of microbleeds plays an important role in not only aiding in the diagnosis of disease, but also in establishing appropriate treatment plans.

Using the MR Innovations software, clinicians are expected to benefit from:

  • Earlier, More Accurate Diagnosis
    • Better outcomes for patients
    • Higher quality-scores for clinicians
    • Lower costs for hospitals and insurers
    • Better diagnosis thanks to quantitative information
  • Faster Image Processing
    • Reducing post-processing time from hours to minutes
    • Increased throughput of high value MRI information
  • Increased Revenue, Lower Cost
    • Increased revenue through post-processing billing