Olea Pulse™ & Olea Sphere® from
Olea Medical®

Olea Medical - Ambra Solution PartnerOlea Sphere is an automated & multi-vendor post-processing solution for MRI and CT scanner images.

Olea Sphere 3.0, is an automated and multi-vendor post-processing solution for MRI and CT scanners that enables the fast evaluation of numerous pathologies, by offering instant quantitative and qualitative multi-parametric maps. Designed by Olea Medical and used by more than 200 leading institutions worldwide, both for clinical and research purposes, Olea Sphere is an intuitive, fast and accurate solution, improving productivity and the diagnostic process.

When time is of the essence, receive your report automatically by email, with Olea Pulse, the offline processing component of Olea Sphere 3.0. Also, monitor the flow of patients cases being post-processed, in real time.



Fully Automated Advanced Post-Processing

With flexible imaging acquisition, Olea Sphere provides fully automated post-processing for brain lesions, neurovascular, head & neck, musculoskeletal, women’s imaging, prostate, and more. Innovative multi-parametric and multi-modalities support provides whole body image viewing and post-processing. Automated step-by-step workflows & calculation settings, one-click advanced image post-processing, intuitive interface & analysis tools. and a simultaneous multi parametric display, all improve productivity.


Vendor Neutral

Olea Sphere supports multiple modalities and vendors for both viewing and analysis of conventional and dynamic MRI and CT imaging data-sets. Olea Sphere is compatible with any imaging equipment, provides efficient communication with any PACS, and is easy to deploy in different IT environments.


Complete Post-Processing Platform

Olea Sphere provides both organ and pathology-dedicated applications in an all-in-one solution that’s multi-parametric & multi-modal, and is designed for both routine clinical use & research. Post-processing is completely configurable & customizable. Olea Sphere provides powerful features for follow-up between different time points, modalities and series to efficiently track and assess lesion progression, and much more.

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