Perspectum Diagnostics – LiverMultiScan

Perspectum Diagnostics – LiverMultiScan®

Perspectum Diagnostic’s flagship product, LiverMultiScan, is a scalable, patient-friendly, non-invasive imaging solution for quantifying liver tissue.

Our flagship product, LiverMultiScan, is a scalable, patient friendly, non-invasive imaging solution for quantifying liver tissue. It is accessed via our Quantitative Analysis Service Portal, using state-of-the-art methods, validation, quality control and expert analysis, allowing highly accurate liver fat, iron and fibro-inflammation quantification. LiverMultiScan offers a high-quality method using groundbreaking technology and rich visual images, which is standardized across sites and manufacturers.


Quantitative, non-invasive MR analysis software
Quantitative, non-invasive MR analysis software for patients with liver disease which is standardized across field strengths and manufacturers.
parametric maps
Uses parametric maps to provide measures of hepatic fat, correlates of iron overload and fibro-inflammatory disease.
cT1, the measure of fibro-inflammation
cT1, the measure of fibro-inflammation, is a safe and reproducible metric that is able to stratify patients across the spectrum of liver disease, correlating well with histological markers of pathology.

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LiverMultiScan™ is a diagnostic aid for liver disease that uses multiparametric Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to quantify liver tissue. LiverMultiScan is non-invasive and characterizes liver tissue by providing accurate and quantitative measures of liver fat, and correlates of iron, fibrosis, and inflammation.

LiverMultiScan is FDA 510(k) cleared to aid clinicians in the diagnosis of liver disorders and abnormalities. It can be used as part of the diagnostic pathway for patients. LiverMultiScan is delivered as a service and does not require any additional hardware or software installation and is standardized across manufacturers and field strengths.

LiverMultiScan imaging protocols have been developed by world-class imaging scientists and clinicians, who have evaluated a broad range of imaging techniques for accuracy, reliability, patient comfort and speed, to create a comprehensive imaging package.