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Precision Image Analysis

Precision Image Analysis - Ambra Solution DirectoryWe enable your success with your own advanced 3D imaging post-processing lab in the cloud.

Precision Image Analysis (PIA) provides advanced imaging quantitative analysis at reduced cost and increased quality with exceptional standardization and turnaround times. For healthcare, Precision Image Analysis (PIA) provides an innovative remote image post-processing service for use in diagnostic medical studies, enabling providers to deliver healthcare at a lower cost with greater consistency and better quality. For clinical trials and research, PIA aids the successful completion of trials by enhancing accuracy, scalability and reproducibility even in the most difficult cases. 


PIA CT Iliac Analysis

Advanced Image Post-Processing.

PIA provides advanced medical image post-processing that is offered globally. PIA can handle anything from advanced Cardiac, Vascular, and Neuro using MRI and CT.  We handle custom or industry standard protocols. 

PIA Outlined MRI

Remote Review and Editing. 

At no additional fee, PIA provides secure access for physicians to best-of-breed software platforms, from anywhere, to review and adjust the contours of the analysis and thus the report values.

PIA RV and LV Feature Tracking Strain Analysis

Your On-Call Post-Processing Department.

PIA can be used as your invisible on-call post-processing department, allowing for daily usage or just to cover resource gaps during vacations, extended leaves, unexpected turnover and holidays. 


Precision Image Analysis (PIA) is a world class service provider of cloud-based, advanced medical image post-processing and analysis. We serve the global healthcare and research communities as well as clinical trials. 

A key benefit to our cloud based solution is that it gives the physician secure remote access to the software platform, from anywhere, to review and adjust the contours of the analysis and report. PIA uses analysts trained to the highest clinical standard available, based on the most advanced scientific findings. PIA’s service conforms to the client’s needs, including customization, complete privacy, defect free image transmission and rapid response. Additionally, medical device vendors and pharmaceutical companies use PIA’s solution to bring advanced imaging analysis to their clinical trials at lower cost with better results than ever before.