Radiology PHR from Health Companion

Health Companion - Ambra Solution PartnerHealth Companion offers a unique patient engagement platform, including radiology-enabled services like online radiology report delivery and imaging access for patients.

Health Companion’s specialty service for radiology departments and practices provides multiple value-added tools including direct online delivery of medical imaging to patients; the ability for patients to share their images with other providers; and seamless secure messaging. Simplify staff workflow, save costs, and improve patient satisfaction.


Health Companion

Imaging Delivery to Patients

Delivers medical images and radiology studies to patients online, with no more need for CDs/DVDs.

Health Companion

Patient Image Sharing

Provides patients a platform to share medical images and radiology studies with their other clinical care providers.

Health Companion

Imaging Screening Recommendations

Automatically generates risk-based imaging screening recommendations (mammography, breast MRI, lung cancer screening CT, etc.) based on patient risk factors.

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Health Companion offers an advanced, radiology-centric patient engagement platform as part of an enterprise patient portal. With over 50 healthcare organizational partners covering nearly 500,000 patients, Health Companion combines rapid technology development with proven experience to significantly improve the financial performance of the health organization.

Our core radiology tools:

  • Imaging delivery to patients – Convert imaging delivery from burning CDs/DVDs and US mail to seamless, online transmission, resulting is significantly higher patient satisfaction and lower costs.
  • Patient image sharing – Images delivered online to patients can be shared through patients to their other providers, including referring physicians and 3rd party institutions.
  • Secure messaging – patients can gather all their medical records into one Health Companion account, and physicians can connect through the Direct network to securely message their patients and other physicians throughout the care continuum.
  • Imaging screening recommendations – Health Companion’s unique physician-designed algorithm drives imaging screenings visits, including lung cancer screening chest CT, breast MRI for high risk patients, etc.