Riverain Technologies, ClearRead CT

ClearRead CT™ aids radiologists in the efficient, accurate detection of pulmonary nodules during the review of chest CT examinations.

ClearRead CT employs state-of-the-art deep learning along with off-line simulation and modeling to achieve unmatched nodule detection performance. Demonstrated to simultaneously improve both nodule search efficiency and detection accuracy and published in two peer-reviewed journals. In clinical use, deployed enterprise-wide at leading institutions such as; Duke University Medical Center, University of Michigan, University of Chicago and Einstein Medical Center along with several other leading institutions.

Product Features

Screenshot of Riverain Technologies: ClearRead CT

Features Riverain’s patented Vessel Suppression Technology

  • Supports Enterprise-Wide Operation
  • Compatible with all CT Manufacturers and Processes both Contrast and Non-Contrast Chest CTs
  • Read on your existing PACS
  • Automatically Detects, Tracks and Characterizes Solid, Sub-Solid and Ground Glass Nodules
  • Supports Concurrent Reading Protocols
  • Proven to Reduce Nodule Search Time by 26% and Reduce Missed Actionable by 29%

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